Used Commercial Air Compressors For Sale

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Used commercial air compressors for sale
Used commercial air compressors for sale
Used commercial air compressors for sale
Used commercial air compressors for sale

Benefits of Buying Used Commercial Air Compressors For Sale

When does it make sense economically to purchase a Pre-Owned piece of equipment as opposed to renting it on an as needed basis? Basically, the rule of thumb in the industry over the past 40 years has been that if you rent a machine bare more than 12 weeks a year you are going to be money ahead by purchasing a Good Pre-Owned piece of equipment. As long as you have a sound system to check out the potential purchase the odds are that you will be saving money in the long run, not to mention that you will have immediate accessibility to the unit if you own it. Our firm asks for a current condition report and fluid analysis for the fluids in the major components of the machine that is the subject of a prospective purchase before in order to determine as clearly as we can the current condition of our used commercial air compressors for sale.

We have been actively Supplying Portable Diesel Air Compressors and Construction Equipment to over 15,000 Customers Domestically and Internationally for the past 43 years. References are available upon request.

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Find Used Commercial Air Compressors For Sale

With the advancement of science and technology, compressors and its types, have played myriad roles in the construction of refrigerators, pumping machines, and in many other construction projects too. What is actually a compressor and how does it work, is still however a question in the minds of thousands of people. A compressor is basically a device which increases the pressure of a gas (generally air) by reducing the volume of the respective gas or fluid inside it. Among the different types of compressors we see commonly, the air compressor is of utmost importance. An air compressor is a mechanical tool that sucks in air at the atmospheric pressure level and supplies it at a higher pressure level by internally compressing the air. This machine runs on power that is usually drawn from an electric motor or a gasoline engine. We carry a wide variety of industrial compressors here at CFM PSI Air Compressors.

Methods of air compression

There are several methods to compress the air. Two basic categories of our used commercial air compressors for sale are involved for the purpose of the same. These are the:

  • POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT AIR COMPRESSOR: the positive displacement air compressor works by forcefully putting in air into a chamber which already has a reduced volume to accelerate the process of compression. The compressor which uses a piston to compress the air, works on the basis of pumping air in the chamber via the continuous motion of piston. The rotary screw compressors work by matching two helical shaped screws, which once turned pushes air into the chamber and finally the volume of the air is reduced with the help of these screws.
  • NEGATIVE DISPLACEMENT AIR COMPRESSORS: these are typically centrifugal compressors. They use the centrifugal force which is produced by a spinning impeller to speed up and then eventually speed down the captured air, that in turn pressurizes it.

Types of air compressors

The variety of air compressors can be classified under the following broad heads:


The positive displacement compressors can be further subdivided into rotary compressors and reciprocating compressors.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our used commercial air compressors for sale. We will promptly answer all inquiries.

The reciprocating compressors again can be divided into:

  1. In-line reciprocating compressors
  2. V-shaped compressors
  3. Tandem piston compressors
  4. Single acting compressors
  5. Double acting Compressors
  6. Diaphragm compressors

The rotary screw air compressors can be classified into:

  • Screw compressors
  • Vane type compressors
  • Lobe and scroll compressors

The roto-dynamic compressors have:

  1. Centrifugal compressors
  2. Axial flow compressors
    1. The number of stages; such as the single, multi-staged compressors.
    2. The cooling technique and medium used; like the oil, water, and air-cooled compressors.
    3. Types of drives; such as the engine driven ones.
    4. Lubrication methods
    5. Service pressure viz; the low, medium, high.

The various used commercial air compressors for sale/manufacturing companies not only have served mankind from the very time these were invented but have also employed millions of young unemployed men to help them secure their future.