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Benefits of Buying Used Air Compressors

When does it make sense economically to purchase a Pre-Owned piece of equipment as opposed to renting it on an as needed basis? Basically, the rule of thumb in the industry over the past 40 years has been that if you rent a machine bare more than 12 weeks a year you are going to be money ahead by purchasing a Good Pre-Owned piece of equipment. As long as you have a sound system to check out the potential purchase the odds are that you will be saving money in the long run, not to mention that you will have immediate accessibility to the unit if you own it. Our firm asks for a current condition report and fluid analysis for the fluids in the major components of the machine that is the subject of a prospective purchase before in order to determine as clearly as we can the current condition of the machine/s.

We have been actively Supplying Portable Diesel Air Compressors and Construction Equipment to over 15,000 Customers Domestically and Internationally for the past 43 years. References are available upon request.

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