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Rotary Screw Ingersoll Rand (IR) Air Compressors

So far as the air compressors are concerned, the Ingersoll Rand air compressors of the globally acclaimed Ingersoll-Rand Plc Company is noteworthy. Founded in the year of 1871, this company came to be named as Ingersoll Rand owing to the combination of the Ingersoll Sergeant Drill Company and the Rand Drill Company. The large grade air compressors produced by this Ingersoll Rand are sold worldwide to meet the demands of millions of customers in need of air compressors. But if you don’t know what exactly an air compressor is, then you need not worry. Here goes the answer to your question.

An Ingersoll-Rand air compressor is a machine used for the purpose of constructing industrial tools and machinery parts. The air compressors are operated internally by the combustion engines to transmit power through hoses or pipes. These are mainly used to supply power to rock drills, jackhammers, pumps, air motors etc. A compressor thus helps workers to drill holes, smash or crush rocks, break construction materials and in many more other tedious construction jobs.


Types of Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors

A wide and complete range of the Ingersoll Rand compressors are found to produce superb compressed air technologies across the globe. The types of air compressors include:

  • SMALL RECIPROCATING AIR COMPRESSORS: the small reciprocating air compressors are quite economic to suit a business of any kind and enhance its success.
  • ROTARY SCREW CONTACT-COOLED AIR COMPRESSORS: the compression technology consisting of numerous or multiple levels helps in producing the world-class rotary screw air compressors.
  • ROTARY SCREW OIL-FREE AIR COMPRESSORS: the innovation leader Ingersoll Rand’s variety of oil-free rotary screw type air compressors constitutes the worth trusting Ingersoll Rand two staged compression line and the Ingersoll Rand Nirvana. These are the worlds first discovered variable speed drive oil-free compressor. Also popular by the form VSD.
  • PET COMPRESSED AIR SOLUTIONS: the PET compressed air solutions include the four stages centrifugal as well as the four-stage reciprocating air compressors. They are chiefly crafted to multiply your productivity and maximize the performance of the machine.
  • CENTRIFUGAL AIR COMPRESSORS: this type of air compressors work by the action of the centrifugal force. The centrifugal air compressors are cheap and highly reliable sources of compressed air production.


Features of Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors

The excellent features of the Ingersoll Rand air compressors mark it out for the rest of the brands. The unique design, desirable structure, the availability of light pressure range, medium pressure range, high-pressure range, low-pressure range have all added to make it a perfect piece. Today the Ingersoll Rand(IR) air compressor comes in portable models to make you tension free and your work hazard free. So, if you are the one still pondering to purchase an Ingersoll Rand air compressor for your business site, do not hesitate. Hurry and get the best quality air compressor to compress all your worries and expand your business by a large extent

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