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Atlas Copco Air Compressors

Screw Type Atlas Copco Compressors

Among the numerous company-manufactured compressors, the Atlas Copco compressor has been found to stand above the rest. This Swedish compressor,generator, mining and industrial implements and equipments producing company was founded in the year of 1873 and since then has been delivering top notch compressors. The compressors are basically nothing but, mechanical devices capable of compressing a gas, fluid, and vapor at high pressures by reducing air and constricting the volume. Compressors can even be used to apply video compression to the video signal, audio compression to an audio signal, dynamic range compression to an audio signal.


Types of Atlas Copco Compressors

Among the variety of compressors fabricated by Atlas Copco, the followings are worth noting:



The aluminum designed starting air compressors are light in weight and well balanced to offer outstanding heat transfer to the ambient. The extraordinary splash lubricating systems works on all needle and roller bearings under unfavorable environments. The drain valve and stainless steel water separator are also present to constitute Atlas Copco’s best starting air compressor. The exclusively designed oil breather provides dirt less oil fumes going out to the ambient and consumes less oil too as compared to the other available ones in the global market. The pressure switches provided are no less. The temperature and oil level switches are also sometimes present to avoid undesirable hazards. The extra-large marine motor is loaded with bearings and coupled straight away through a flex coupling to the compressor. Starter boxes may also be included with preferable Y-D starting procedures and diesel or electric driven version. Unique colors are too painted to give the compressors a fabulous look.



  1. High-class equipments to guarantee you hassle free operation and performance.
  2. The oil change and valve check in every 3000 hours is said to be very helpful by the users.
  3. The use of durable lightweight aluminum metal results in the compactness and less space consumption of the machine.
  4. The top grade design features such as the V- shaped design, low vibration and optimal heat dissipating capacity of the compressor furnishes a lifetime performance.



The piston type air compressors are quite the common ones in the market. These too have aluminum base structure. These can be further classified into the:

  1. ELECTRICALLY DRIVEN COMPRESSORS: having a working pressure of about 30 bars and an ambient temperature of about 50 degree Celsius, these highly efficient compressors.
  2. DIESEL DRIVEN COMPRESSORS: the diesel driven compressors work under an ambient temperature of about 50 degree Celsius and 30 bars pressure.
  3. HIGH PRESSURE COMPRESSORS: are also the renowned ones.

The Atlas Copco compressors have excelled in creating world-class compressors that are used in numerous projects today. Technology has indeed brought out the excellent creations of humans and we can proudly say that the Atlas Copco air compressors are one among them.

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